That is on a lot of petrol mowers as well, so no different to others. Manual states its 36v. Starter Drives, Conversion Chart Page I only have a small patch of lawn so not a big deal. I’m guessing around 3. I’m open to the option.

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Aircraft Spruce from Aircraft Spruce

The Place I got the New Mower from I just bought the Kobalt on the strength of the reviews and the price. That has been Fixed Qorx bought this for my mothers place and it has a pretty large back and front yard. The ozito is doing the job.

I started on a patch of grass cm high. First impressions are — that it is a ripper. My point wasn’t that battery is better than electric, per se. I would have bought the Husqvarna cordless mower for my acre lawn but the support from the company was appalling.

Except most mowers have two batteries that you swap out in much less than a minute plus the fuel source comes from a power point in the shed or garage. Replaced it the other day but it was another test of patience. Bargain and cheaper than their 40V line at regular pricing. It does my msq buffalo grass lawn easily on one charge and enough left over to use the trimmer on the edges. The Kobalt is still worx d – lite 12v drill and now permanently at the half price amount.

You can’t tell the difference between not pressing the button hard enough and a flat worx d – lite 12v drill. The Kobalt is a bit quieter IMO, however Ego still have the edge for the time being since ‘skin’ only versions are available.

I bought the Ozito combo pack as well and have the same experience as Daniel. Note to self need golf balls. Barry I was you a bit over 10 years ago, and bought a 24v ,ite brand mower.

lits Also for the doubters battery is the way to go you worx d – lite 12v drill have your petrol mowers ect I am going full rechargeable. And the lack of Ads is very refreshing. I also have some fairly steep parts; the litd system helps greatly in getting up the slopes. Only item you can no longer get is the chainsaw.

I have about 1 cubic metre of grass clippings. There’s also the Bosch Rotak to consider too.

It’s early days but at this point I’m a convert to cordless mowers. With a drilll cord you can avoid doubling it up and just start at the end. I’m sure these mowers have advanced since I had mine, but only being able to mow through half your worx d – lite 12v drill when the battery dies has to be one of the most frustrating things ever.

Plug one end into the mower, the other into the power-socket and away I go. Super, thanks for that, I hadn’t noticed that feature. Not really a like for like replacement either.

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Industry Leader Since See Testimonials. There are two versions at least. I’m guessing around 3. I might make the hours drive to Masters on the weekend to check it out as well as the Kobalt. The cells would be 2AH each for the 4AH battery. Do you get the feeling that we’re all being screwed after Masters is shut down?

I love the caster wheels concept on the Worx. I noticed the Victa 80V only has a 2 year warranty according to the website Not sure if wofx offer more? I was dubious about battery mowing with a big woxr, but it seems to be very good. It’s usually cut very low so the 20mm cutting height is ideal. Very happy with my 2x 18V Ryobi after giving it worx d – lite 12v drill run this pite.