Thanks for giving me the courage to play around — and the confirmation that the software changes were probably irrelevant. Alverca Do Ribatejo E Sobralinho hoje Deseja guardar a sua pesquisa? Continue removing the cover with your fingers. Alverca Do Ribatejo E Sobralinho.

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Beside the 4 screws, the sony vaio vgn-fe31m is held by several plastic latches 4 on each side and 2 extras on the bottom side snapped into the frame.

I then took the keyboard out of the laptop sony vaio vgn-fe31m reconnected it — more for the sake of completeness really because I think the connection was fine. After drying it out, it works erratically.

Clavier de PC portable ne répondant plus [Résolu]

The PC does not do anything when I power it on. Carnaxide E Queijas hoje I mentioned that in the step 1. Queluz E Belas hoje Agualva E Mira-Sintra hoje I took all the keys off the keyboard and cleaned underneath — it was sony vaio vgn-fe31m filthy. Efectue o seu login. Each cover is secured by two screws.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FE – Inside my laptop

My memory card got stuck in slot. Came here by searching for laptop sony vaio vgn-fe31m london. Vila Franca de Xira. The latches just to hold the bezel close to the screen. It must have been very very dirty keyboard. You cannot access the power jack without removing the keyboard and sony vaio vgn-fe31m cover assembly.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out what is causing the problem is testing the laptop with another known good keyboard. In my laptop I had a 2. Logiciels les plus populaires.

You forgotten that there is a screw in the bottom of the laptop that fixes the keyboard and it is necesary to remove it if you want ti remove it. Fabian, the question is that vgn-ce31m power jack got damaged i bought the part required to replace it sony vaio vgn-fe31m the wires connected to the old one i dont no how to take them off to put them on the new one anyways u can give sony vaio vgn-fe31m a demo on how to vsio that or an idea of wat i need to do???

At the time it froze and started making a constant beeping sound. I have updated my bios to RJ3 but the problem is still here. Remove the memory and hard drive covers from the valo. Without the photographs I would have assumed Sony vaio vgn-fe31m was going to break it and given up early on.

Removing the speaker cover was a bit heart-stopping but it did snap out eventually rather than snap in two! Hi Rene and others in case you are sony vaio vgn-fe31m checking this.

Flora – 5 juil.

I actually did use a dental pick and was able to get it out. Salut tout le monde!

Anúncios de Computadores – Informática – Lisboa

Now that I read your tips I can buy a new keyboard and replace it by myself. Four more screws and the keyboard came loose. I have an incorectly vgn-fe31j memory card stuck in my memory card reader. I thought I researched this pretty well in advance but am sony vaio vgn-fe31m. If this sony vaio vgn-fe31m works for your Vaio, please mention the model number in comments below.

Cassplash sony vaio vgn-fe31m 25 nov. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. Thanks for your help!

I have this model and is imposible find it… Thanks.