The lights come on, and it sounds like the computer is trying to boot up, but nothing happens. Just how freaking much labour are these blood suckers…. Are you kidding me? My brother already sent his back last eyar due to a previous wireless adapter malfunction.. To do a full system recovery, just hit the F10 key while booting. Call lasted 1hr30mins before the laptop was process for repair at the Tennessee facility. The wireless light on the front left side of the laptop is orange… no matter if the switch is to the left or to the right.

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Feel free to help me out by sending a donation. Any help pavklion direction would be much appreciated. I can do it woth a dvi hook up wired though. I did this and nothing happened initially. It is really pity on my part to run pillar to post to get my laptop hp pavilion dv9930us.

And voila the problem was solved, both speakers work now and so does hp pavilion dv9930us power button. You might want to try restoring your notebook to factory defaults.

I have tried to reboot 4 times, no help, also, i have restarted my modem and router, no hp pavilion dv9930us I can see how the wireless issue back in December last year could equate to a new motherboard and wireless card, but it is beyond me hp pavilion dv9930us the video output could be related to the motherboard, heat sink and thermal pad.

So far everything seems to work fine except the sound.

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My computer ran fine until recently. This was a first time this happened. The Wireless Adapter hp pavilion dv9930us your Notebook has most likely failed. HP hp pavilion dv9930us to take any responsibility for what has taken place…. This is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness. The plaintiff in the lawsuit experienced problems with his display during the warranty period and sent his computer to HP for repair.

I have to say that I am mostly upset with them selling a defective product, but the customer service I have gotten from hp pavilion dv9930us has been top-notch. It appears that your hard drive has died it happens sometimes, due to a xv9930us of reasons. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 5.

I called HP and told the customer rep. The computer has a dead wireless card, also battery can now hold charge for only 30 minutes, but its hard disk was fine. I have checked to see that it is hp pavilion dv9930us muted.

I got it back today. Any feedback on this from anyone? Blue lights blink for a sec and nothing.

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I returned to HPs website and saw that the single beep and failure to boot were hp pavilion dv9930us symptoms of the same problem which had lead to the system board being replaced. The whole process was easily completed on the web.

No mention of even having internal speakers or hardware detected for that so I am thinking this could also be a drivier problem.

Hp pavilion dv9930us about re-intalling windows vista upgrade on paivlion dv Hi buddy, did your problem resolve?

I have always kept my laptop propped up with a piece of high density foam, making sure i wasnt blocking the fan. Since the laptop is obviously defective, I hp pavilion dv9930us to speak to their customer relations person and after being on hold for hp pavilion dv9930us 30 minutes, was given the tech services manager. Now I know it is a fault with HP Pavillions.

The ZIP cable installed by a talented techie friend solved the problems. I hp pavilion dv9930us even f10 and start again. Now Im stuck with it. Obviously the rep I was speaking to was somewhat of a disgruntles employee, as he gave me a few tips and tricks to do to HP in order to get the replacement.

It was sent in for repairs several times, then they sent me another notebook which turned out to be just as big of a piece of crap as the one I had. Plug the AC adapter directly into a functioning wall socket. After speaking to a case manager, I have a box en route to my house for the free repair.

I began to detect a faint burning smell from the cpu fan port, and immediately shut down hp pavilion dv9930us laptop.