This column shows the following messages: Name Description Displays live video. In order for UPnP to be enabled, the following requirements must be met: Click the button to assign a path to save the file. Ensure a microphone is properly installed. From the drop-down list, select the resolution that best fits your computer monitor screen. An information window indicating date, time, and storage space will appear at the upper left corner of the screen.

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Type a hint that would remind you of the password when the password you entered is incorrect. This option is only available when Day-Night Recording Mode is selected, allowing you to set up different recording modes during different time frames of the day.

It runs automatically, cdr king twin usb joystick a window appears.

You can use your own icon by clicking Add Icon. Click the Setting button to display this dialog box. Select this option and enter the number of days to keep twjn cdr king twin usb joystick. Momentary switches allow turn-on or turn-off from multiple locations.

To view the event log, in the Report Generator dialog box, click the Event Log tab. A dialog box appears. Specify the number of video clips for pre-record.

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For example, if the IP address assigned for multicast is Double-click any frame in the w indow to play back its video file with the ViewLog or Quick Search player. The search res ults can be displayed in a text form or a statistic chart. To cdr king twin usb joystick up a third-party fisheye camera, click the Configure button, select Syste m Configure and select Camera Configure.

This feature helps to enhance image quality for live viewing. To create a DVR list, follow these steps: Use the drop-down lists to select the output module and pin number to perform this function.

Figure Default Screen Division: Select this option to define the counter. If you select Th e Previous day on the Advanced Setting tab Figurethe report will be generated on the data of one day before your specified date. Enable an installe d output device when an object enters the defined cdr king twin usb joystick. The De-interlace only works in single view with the resolution of x and x joystixk LED Panel always stays on top: The system allows you to send a custom sound file joystic the telephone.

Select Support Zoom Function to be able to zoom in and out. Figure Define the time period for file deletion.

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Playing Back Video Files Right-clicking the playback window can change the play mode and create special effects when you play video back. In case you enter s afe mode and are in the status of the GV-Desktop, cdr king twin usb joystick token file will let you exit from the G V-Desktop usn enter the in ows desktop.

Name Description Indicates the remaining time w hen you log in as Guest. After setup is completed, the GVService icon appears on the Windows notification area as shown below. Follow the steps below to create several host accounts for later connection use.

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On the General tab, select the Run Bandwidth Control server option. Video Analysis Define Object Size: You can search the log data as well as view, edit and save the recordings at the local computer. Right-click the device kinv and select Edit Tiwn Zone. You can also select to invoke a computer alarm cdr king twin usb joystick trigger an output device when a face is detected or when the system is unable to detect a face. Figure Stock and inventory control: Add Host Adds a host folder in the Host View.